Mirko Presser

Head of Research and Innovation @ Alexandra Institute @ Alexandra Institute. Aarhus University

Mirko Presser is the Head of Research and Innovation for the Smart City Lab at the Alexandra Institute working on Open Data and the Internet of Things in the context of Smart Cities for Citizens. He is also the president of the IoT International Forum since it was founded in June 2013. He has been studying and working in these research areas since 2002, he has published over 20 scientific peer-reviewed papers on the topics and has served on numerous scientific committees and steering boards. He has a Masters degree in Physics with Astrophysics and a Masters degree in Telecommunications and Systems Engineering both from the University of Bristol and received his PhD on the Mobile IoT from the University of Surrey. He has also been strongly involved in the European FP6 and FP7 ICT programmes and has been the Technical Manager of the FP6 IST e- SENSE and FP7 ICT SENSEI projects, both addressing the Internet of Things, amongst many other projects as well as he is the coordinator of the EeB PPP project called URB-Grade. Mirko is a guest author for the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog.