Patrícia Ellen da Silva

Partner @ McKinsey&Company, Public & Social Sector Practice Brazil

Patrícia Ellen is a Partner at McKinsey &Company, Public & Social Sector Practice Brazil, leading relationships with Federal Government, major Brazilian states and cities and non-profit organizations. Led projects in the Public and Healthcare sector, mainly focused on City Planning, Health and Education Transformation and Digital Innovation in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Fortaleza and states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Bahia. Recent projects and initiatives include:

  • Currently leading the development of the Brazilian Internet of Things national plan to the Federal government (Brazilian Development Bank and Ministry of Technology, Communications and Innovation)
  • Led the design of a national Health agenda for a Health coalition with more than 25 leading organizations in Brazil
  • Teaches Adaptive Leadership and Digital Innovation / Entrepreneurship to public sector leaders at a master course MLG-CLP since 2014

Talk: “IoT settings: a use case approach to deliver impact and improve quality of life”

IoT has a potential impact in value creation to global society of US$ 4 to 11 trillion. A significant part of this impact comes from emerging economies.
Brazil can benefit from this potential to boost economy and improve quality of life significantly.
The approach to capture this impact involved moving from a product development to service platforms creation as well as the creation of innovation ecosystems based on use cases applied to specific settings. In this discussion, an approach to organize the opportunites around settings will be presented followed by a deep-dive on healthcare use cases.
The final part of the discussion will focus on opportunities and challenges that key stakeholders face to translate this opportunities into reality